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「Instacart」は、Instacart Inc.が配信する飲食/レシピ系アプリです。

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  • レビュースコア4.5をマークしている高評価の優良アプリです。(2/17)

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  • 新バージョン6.0.3が配信開始。新機能や改善アップデートがされています。

  • 2012年8月17日(金)にiPhoneとiPad両対応のユニバーサルアプリとしてリリース!


First of all if you haven’t used Instacart yet make sure you use the coupon INSTA24 to get $10 off your first order with no delivery fee! Once you’ve signed up enter the coupon in the menu under account settings and then coupons. Might as well try it out since it won’t cost you much!
$10 coupon: INSTA24 - ★★★★★
I love this service! Sure, paying a delivery fee and a tip for the person that runs around the store collecting the items for you might feel a lot in the beginning, but once you realize how much time
Great for a busy life - ★★★★★
I've used Instacart for over a year now and have so much gratitude for the service. Yes, some stores have a markup. Yes, there's a tip and delivery fee. However, it all feels worth it for the
Single working mom's best friend - ★★★★★



- Fixes several app crashes
• Optimized for the new iPhone X and iOS 11
• Complete revamp of Cart and addition of Group Carts
• Introducing a "Your Items" tab allowing convenient exploring of previously purchased items
• New "Quick Add" feature to easily one-tap add items to cart from any screen
• Greatly improved accessibility experience for users with visual, auditory, and physical disabilities


Get groceries delivered on demand from your favorite supermarkets in as little as an hour. Free delivery on your first order!*

Shop for all your groceries online with the Instacart app and get fresh local produce, organics, meat, dairy, eggs, drinks, snacks, bulk items, baby products, fresh flowers and much more.

Instacart is the largest grocery delivery service in the country. We make deliveries in hundreds of cities like the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Chicago, Austin, Washington D.C, Houston, Atlanta and many more. Download the app and enter your zip code to see if we're in your city.

We shop and deliver millions of items from 150+ of your favorite stores including top retailers like Target, Whole Foods Market, Publix, Costco, H-E-B, Wegmans, Smart & Final, Safeway, Stater Bros, Petco, CVS + many more local stores.

Busy moms like Kristina F. love Instacart:

"Using this app has taken the most stressful errand I have each week as a working mom of four busy children and significantly decreased my stress. The process is simple and I can easily find the sales and coupons and item choices I'm looking for without wasting money by impulse shopping. I highly recommend."

Instacart makes shopping a breeze with features like:

• FREE delivery on your first order*
• Get your delivery in as fast as 1 hour
• Exclusive coupons and deals on the products you love
• Quickly find products at your favorite local stores
• Save shopping lists and reorder items from previous purchases
• View nutrition info and filter by gluten-free, organic or vegan diets
• Chat directly with your personal shopper
• Tag favorite items for easier shopping
• Use Group Carts to easily shop together with friends, family & co-workers




This service rocks!

Being physically challenged, Instacart has been a real pleasure to use! I don't use Safeway much anymore, because it takes too long and they charge a delivery charge along with a fuel charge. The only

Panda Mama - ★★★★★ 2016-05-04

$5 coupon: JBDYED1

First of all if you haven’t used Instacart yet make sure you use the coupon JBDYED1 to get $5 off your first order! Enter it in the menu under Coupons before you make your first order!!

imbr111 - ★★★★★ 2015-08-18

Revolutionary service

Instacart has revolutionized our domestic life, at least as far as food goes! Now I can count on a well stocked fridge and pantry without the stress of squeezing in trips to the store, and taking time away from work and family to shop. This means more going to the park and less dragging my tiny kids to the store on the days I have with them (I also work part time, and life is just really busy).

Phinney Mom - ★★★★★ 2015-11-19

Instacart gives you the gift that keeps giving...

And that is TIME! Seriously, the hour a few times a week required for grocery shopping has been eliminated and I can fit workouts, walks with my dog, and actually cooking healthier meals into those

M. Crabtree - ★★★★★ 2015-08-04

Just what I need

I apologize for the length but this app is so amazing I have to rave about it.

SYS CRMC - ★★★★★ 2015-11-23

1st time jitters, 1st time Satisified!!

So I was reluctant to use this app just because there were only 6 reviews. I hardly review my apps, but I thought I'd stop by and review this one!

Nika Hollywood - ★★★★★ 2016-06-24

Convenient But Pricey

Being a resident of Chicago, I've come to terms with how crappy the weather can become at any given moment. I gave up my car when I moved to the city, so trudging to the grocery store in a couple of

Bambiiii - ★★★★★ 2015-01-24

Love this app & the service!

Just received my first order and I am IN LOVE with this app and the service. My order was prompt and perfect. I am recovering from surgery and have been housebound. I found the app very easy to use. I

Golderama - ★★★★★ 2016-06-15

Can't Beat the Convenience!

Great convenience, delivery folks are nice, hustling to get the job done and with a positive attitude.

20130602review - ★★★★★ 2015-06-22

Yes, please

I've always thought food, drink, dessert, etc. should deliver. If pizza can do it, why not everything else?? The bad reviews say it costs a delivery fee plus higher percentages of some items to use

Lsjebdixkshdjc - ★★★★★ 2014-09-08

Awesome service and totally accessible app

I love the service! Everyone is so very friendly and I have everything good to say about my shopping experiences over the last year. As a person who happens to be blind, I value the wonderful excess

ThaiFoodLady - ★★★★★ 2016-08-02

Amazing Service!

I am a disabled person and having this service has allowed me to provide fresh, healthy food for my family. I wish all the stores were priced the same as in store but I do get it. The customer service

RenaeWw - ★★★★★ 2016-02-10

Great service

Great service. With two small kids, I can place an order in the evening and have fresh groceries for their lunches the next day, without having to drag them to the store. The Instacart shoppers are

chettyboy - ★★★★★ 2015-12-04

Parents rejoice!

As someone short on time and who has two kids and a guy to feed and somehow grocery shopping always falls on me, this app is a godsend. I have only used fresh direct for delivery service and felt

purpletoes - ★★★★★ 2016-05-24

Overall Fantastic (w/one minor annoyance)

Just received my first delivery -- perfectly on-time, somehow showed up in like 1.5 hours, with a nice 10-minute head's up to let me know they were on the way. The deliverywoman was also super nice -- actually smiling when she showed up.

LindaIsNotHappy22661 - ★★★★★ 2014-06-20

Works great!

I've always wanted to do my grocery shopping online, but I've never pulled the trigger until Instacart. My husband and I were always too tired from our work week to make time for grocery shopping, and

IIZY - ★★★★★ 2014-10-05

Highly recommend for Atlanta area

I tried this service out as the first try is free delivery. The service blew me away!!! The delivery person was very professional, courteous and friendly and seemed very interested in my order and making sure I got what I wanted. The delivery was done immediately within my hour time frame which was impressive in itself. She delivered with a smile on her face and took time to explain how the system worked so I would be prepared for future orders. I was so impressed with ease of use of the app too.

Epi027 - ★★★★★ 2014-09-20






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