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  • 20代の女性層に人気の傾向にあります。

  • レビュースコア4.5をマークしている高評価の優良アプリです。(6/29)

  • 100人を超える、評価・クチコミ投稿者数となっています。(6/29)

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  • 2015年6月13日(土)にiPhoneとiPad両対応のユニバーサルアプリとしてリリース!


Not only do you get access to your library of paid books, but also to plenty of free public domain ones. Monthly deals (e.g. 2 books for 1 credit) are surprisingly attractive with plenty of new high-quality stuff. Monthly VIP rewards for subscribers look good too, and I currently enjoy Warren Bennis' classic book on leadership, which is quite different from my usual areas of interest.
Nice app - ★★★★★
I really love reading but recently, I rarely get the chance to read because of my busy schedule. Audio books has helped me kick start my year right by ticking off some of the books I’ve always wanted
Love it! - ★★★★★
I have recently discovered this great possibility of “reading with my ears”, and that’s what I’m now doing with two books: “Chariots of the Gods”, by Erich von Däniken, and “Yeager, an autobiography”,
My most useful app! - ★★★★★



Discover your next favorite audiobook via like-minded listeners with some new community features. This release enables you to follow other users to see their audiobook reviews, browse their libraries and more! Tap into My Profile from the app menu to get started.


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Got that e-book on your Kindle, but simply can’t find the time to read it? No problem. Audiobooks.com lets you indulge in your book list when you want to – just press play!

• Over 300,000+ titles for you to choose from
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• Use our smart recommendations feature to curate book picks just for you!

• Access to over 100 million free podcast episodes
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Audiobooks.com gives you access to 300,000+ amazing audiobooks and access to our latest feature – in-app access to over 100 million free podcast episodes


With Audiobooks.com, listening to audiobooks is a fun and easy experience. Download our free apps from the App Store and Google Play Store today to get started!

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Great experience

I created an account with Audiobooks.com along with this app to listen to The Twilight Saga series and I really like this app. It’s really easy to use and I really enjoy my experience with them. I

poohcatblackandwhite - ★★★★★ 2022-02-10

Great audiobook app!

Just started listening to audiobooks this year and based on my comparison so far to other audio book apps, this app’s been the one giving the most benefit for its user.

Helloimamel - ★★★★★ 2021-06-24

Great Reading Supplement

The app has an intuitive design for selecting genres and finding books. The selection process for free books, and purchasing with credits is also great.

Seagleroad - ★★★★★ 2021-01-06

It seems to be every bit as good as the Audible ap

I have been using this app for a few weeks and I have no particular complaints. If you are thinking about making the jump from Audible, don’t let the app hold you back. I listened to The Truth About

TioSexo - ★★★★★ 2022-02-06

Perfect for mom

I am a mother of 3 year old and 1 year old. I've been craving to read something but had not had enough time to sit down and read quietly for the longest time.

Miss piggy77 - ★★★★★ 2017-05-28

My first Audiobook

I am always so busy that I cannot find the time to read a book decided to checkout the Audio books, Now I am all in I was able to listen as I was doing work around the house. This is GREAT! The APP was easy to use. I listened to a Golf book “Every shot must have a purpose” by Apia Nilsson., Lynn Marriott

Vdbnice - ★★★★★ 2021-06-13

Great security and service.

I work in IT and this application is very high security and offers a great selection. I listened to Never Enough by Donald Trump and I can see now why America’s economy has recovered to all time Highs

Hollywood Hogwood - ★★★★★ 2018-01-05

Love it!

I didn't know how good it is to immerse myself into the world of fantasies through audiobooks. Especially I like listening to them while driving and commuting on the bus.

yasusenpai - ★★★★★ 2016-08-24

Alternative medicine

I’m looking for information it’s off the beaten path and alternative medicine. I was happy to see topic such as Homeopathy, herbal medicine and energy medicine.

LNmad - ★★★★★ 2022-05-27

Fantastic app

Great selection of books, loads of great deals, excellent narration. I’ve used a few audio book apps over the years and this one is the best.

Dannyboyjunior - ★★★★★ 2022-04-06

Exactly what I needed

This app is just perfect for loading brain with some good stuff while doing long running workouts for marathon! Exactly what I was looking for!

Maxdrifter - ★★★★★ 2016-03-16

Great Range of books!

It’s of books on here that you won’t find anywhere else. Was looking for John Sellars Stoicism books and found it in here.

genosthisland - ★★★★★ 2020-12-15

F**cking great

Good story and good narrators! If you wanna learn English or just like the literature I bet you can find all of them here.

lyngaishuoshenme - ★★★★★ 2018-05-24

Great for commuting

App has good design, easy to use and perfect for those wanting to listen to books while commuting!

Funsailad - ★★★★★ 2019-01-08

Bet Good

Listened to ‘The Castle’ by Kafka. Good narration and user friendly

Alphinss Jay - ★★★★★ 2019-07-05

Great service

I love listening to audiobooks and this app is exactly what I wanted.

UK1563 - ★★★★★ 2018-01-09

Great app!!!!

I listen positive book everyday using this app! I appreciate!

Masamichiueda5 - ★★★★★ 2018-01-14


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