Pocket Rogues: Ultimate [Android]

EtherGamingが配信するAndroidアプリ「Pocket Rogues: Ultimate」の評価や口コミやランキング推移情報です。このアプリには「ローグライクRPG」「ダンジョンRPG」「RPG・ロールプレイングゲーム」「ジャンル別ゲーム」「ロールプレイングゲーム」などのジャンルで分類しています。APPLIONでは「Pocket Rogues: Ultimate」の他にもあなたにおすすめのアプリのレビューやみんなの評価や世界ランキングなどから探すことができます。

  • ランキング受賞歴 月間ロールプレイングゲーム最高ランキング 46位を獲得!(5/12)
  • ランキング受賞歴 月間ゲーム総合最高ランキング 281位を獲得!(5/12)
  • ランキング受賞歴 月間総合最高ランキング 499位を獲得!(5/12)
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ランダム生成された薄暗いダンジョンを、武器やアイテムを集めながら潜る、2Dドット絵ローグライクRPG「Pocket Rogues: Ultimate」

「Pocket Rogues: Ultimate」は、ランダム生成された薄暗いダンジョンを、武器やアイテムを集めながら潜る、2Dドット絵ローグライクRPGです。

ローグライクRPG ダンジョンRPG RPG・ロールプレイングゲーム ジャンル別ゲーム ロールプレイングゲーム


  • 通常価格290円のところ、160円に期間限定で値下げ!今すぐどうぞ!(5/22現在)

  • APPLIONにてゲームストア内で話題になっているアプリとして紹介しました。(12/28)

  • 1万ダウンロード突破!

  • レビュースコア4.5をマークしている高評価の優良ゲームです。(5/22)

  • 2600人を超える、評価・クチコミ投稿者数となっています。(5/22)

  • 新バージョン1.24.2が配信開始。新機能や改善アップデートがされています。(4/6)


英語わかりませんが、単語を追いながら遊んでます! 誰か日本語で攻略ページ作って下さい! スキルどれがオススメか分からないので全部にポイント振って試さなきゃならないのがしんどい、、、振り直しアイテムはジェム結構使うし、、、 ゲーム自体は面白いです!時間を忘れてダンジョンに潜っています!
英語わかりませんが、単語を追い... - ★★★★★




Pocket Rogues is a dynamic old school Action-RPG designed in the Roguelike genre. Here, you have to shoot your way out of hordes of monsters by traveling through unique and randomly generated locations and develop your own fortress and heroes.

Real-time battles will challenge any hardcore player, and research for environment and many unusual techniques will engage you for long hours.

Dozens of dungeons filled with unique loot and monsters will be in Pocket Rogues. The game has a lot of heroes for whom you can play, as well as many bosses against whom you will fight, and the battle will be a real test for you. And the traditional components of the RPG genre, such as character upgrade and exploring the world around them, will never let you feel bored!

“For many centuries, a dark dungeon had been beckoning hapless travelers with its secrets and treasures. One after another, they disappeared after having met the true Evil, but gloomy legends only heat up new and new adventurers’ itches. So why not to become one of them?!”


• The game is completely played in real time without any pauses between its stages! Move, dodge obstacles and maneuver around a flank! This is an elaborated combat system focusing primarily on the character control and a player’s skills.
• There are many classes of heroes here: each has unique skills, specific equipment and their own dendrogram.
• Every descent is special! Everything, from locations and monsters to loot and accidental encounters, is generated during the game. You will never get two identical dungeons!
• The game includes unique locations: each of them has its own visual style, unique enemies, traps and interactive objects; and you can move freely between all open locations.
• Your own fortress: you can build and improve erections in the territory of the Guild Fortress, by opening and strengthening new heroes, as well as gaining access to new game techniques.
• Regular updates. The game has been supported and actively developed for a long period of time, in close contact with the community and active players.

The premium version of the game is designed to simplify the extraction of crystals and maximize your gaming experience.


• The number of all the crystals, obtained by killing monsters, bosses and for completing tasks, is increased by 50%
• Added the ability to save the game before leaving, being in any normal dungeon, as well as auto-save while minimizing the game
• Berserk and all future premium classes are available for gold
• All normal dungeons are completely free
• Advertising is completely disabled

FaceBook Game Team (Eng): http://www.facebook.com/PocketRogues
VK (Rus) game group: http://www.vk.com/pocketrogues

For all questions, you can also contact the developer directly: ethergaminginc@gmail.com

If you previously purchased the Ultimate-version, but now it is not available for upgrade, write to ethergaminginc@gmail.com, including your purchase code, which you received on your email when you paid. I will help to solve the problem.


- Steam (October 2018): https://store.steampowered.com/app/946610/Pocket_Rogues
- Google Play (Free): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.EtherGaming.PocketRogues
- Google Play (Ultimate): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.EtherGaming.PocketRoguesUltimate
- App Store (Ultimate): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pocket-rogues-ultimate/id1316150324

Pocket Rogues - a whole world consisting of generated locations and dungeons. This is an honest and harsh Action-RPG with the Roguelike elements, made in pixel 2D retro style.

Battles in real time will challenge any hardcore gamer, and the exploration of the environment and many unusual mechanics will drag you to long hours.

In Pocket Rogues you are waiting for dozens of dungeons filled with unique loot and monsters, many classes of heroes and bosses, the fight with each of which will be a real test. And the traditional elements of the RPG genre, such as pumping a character and exploring the world, will never let you get bored!

"For many centuries the gloomy dungeon has driven unlucky travelers with its secrets and treasures. One by one, they disappeared, having met the true Evil, but the gloomy legends only warm up the greedy desires of more and more adventurers. So why not become one of them?!"


* Completely in real time! Move, dodge, get around the flank! The real-time combat system, just like in the big Action RPG for PC
* Many hero classes: each has unique skills, items, and a development tree
* Each descent is unique! Everything from locations and monsters to loot and random encounters is generated during the game. You will never get two identical dungeons!
* Unique locations: each has its own visual style, its own unique monsters, traps and objects, and between all open locations it is possible to move freely!
* Own fortress: you can build and improve buildings in the Castle of the Guild, opening and strengthening new heroes, and also discover new game mechanics
* Regular updates. The game is supported and actively developed for a long time, and - in close contact with the community of players who know exactly what they would like to see in the game!

Pocket Rogues - Official Trailer 2018




Pocket Rogues: UltimateのAndroidアプリランキングや、利用者のリアルな声や国内や海外のSNSやインターネットでの人気状況を分析しています。

Pocket Rogues: Ultimateのランキング推移



4.1 以降









※この結果はPocket Rogues: Ultimateの分析データに基づいています。






Pocket Rogues: Ultimateの話題指数グラフ(5月23日(木))





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