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Serpenti Sei LLCの辞書/翻訳系アプリ

「Nihongo」は、Serpenti Sei LLCが配信する辞書/翻訳系アプリです。

辞書/辞典/その他 教育


  • レビュースコア4.5をマークしている高評価の優良アプリです。(11/26)

  • 700人を超える、評価・クチコミ投稿者数となっています。(11/26)

  • 新バージョン1.20.2が配信開始。新機能や改善アップデートがされています。(11/22)

  • 2014年7月13日(日)にiPhoneとiPad両対応のユニバーサルアプリとしてリリース!


日本人にも和英としてすごくいいアプリ - ★★★★★
I have been using this app every day for 3 months. I’m almost finished with the grade 4 and jlpt n3 decks. Can we please have a counter for the kanji we have learned. Ex. 650/2000 (or whatever the
Best App - ★★★★★
I'm so glad that I've found this app.I've search so many apps,and this is the best I've ever seen, this is what I'm looking for since ever before,i think it will be perfect for everyone if you can
perfect app - ★★★★★



* Fixed an issue where 水中 and 大森 were being mispronounced.
* Fixed an issue where the prompt asking you what your Japanese reading level was being displayed erroneously, and the selection was not being respected.
* Fixed an issue where a flashcard that has been modified in any way while the app is set to one language will be displayed with no meaning text on the back after switching to a new language.
* Fixed an issue where the "Done" text after you complete a day's flashcard review was vertically misaligned in iOS 14.2.
* Fixed an issue where restoring data by selecting a .nihongodata file in a different app and opening it in Nihongo would not work.


Nihongo is an offline Japanese dictionary, flashcard app, and reading assistant, designed to make the best use of the time you dedicate to studying Japanese.

Our dictionary is made to find what you're looking for fast, with the words Japanese speakers actually use at the top of every search result, and every word marked as "common", "uncommon", or "rare".

"Clippings", our reading assistant, is what makes Nihongo stand apart from other dictionaries. Paste in Japanese text from a website, email, an eBook, or anywhere else, and we'll add furigana or romaji to every word. We also enable you to tap on any word to see its definition. This will truly change the way you read Japanese. And now, you can get the same experience right in Safari using our Safari extension.

Personal experience (as well as a good deal of research in second-language acquisition) has shown us that the words that you're most likely to remember are the words that you're encountering naturally. To this end Nihongo automatically draws from your search history and clippings to compile flashcard decks filled with words for which you already have context. This makes it easy to study both the words you looked up during Japanese class, and those that appear in your favorite song or videogame. And by adding notes to the back of flashcards you can further connect each vocabulary word to your personal contextual understanding.

Kanji flashcards prompt you to draw the missing kanji from the words you're studying, creating stronger connections between the characters and their real-world use. Built-in kanji decks give you 2 or 3 key words to study for each kanji.

This app is only possible because of the JMDict (edrdg.org) and Tatoeba (tatoeba.org) projects. I highly encourage you to support these incredible projects that make apps like Nihongo possible!

* Over 180,000 words, 165,000 example sentences, and 6000 kanji entries.
* Every word clearly marked as common, uncommon, or rare.
* Add your own notes to any dictionary entry.
* Quickly identify transitive/intransitive word pairs.
* Audio pronunciations of words and example sentences (Requires Nihongo Pro)

* Look up words just by taking a picture.
* Uses Google Cloud Vision to provide high-quality text recognition.
* Just tap on a word to look it up.

* Adds furigana or romaji to text pasted into the app.
* Tap on any word to see its definition without leaving the clipping.
* Flashcard deck automatically created so you can study the new words in a clipping.
* Display text horizontally or vertically.
* Have Nihongo read any clipping out loud.

* Flashcards automatically generated from words you lookup in the dictionary or paste into the app.
* Nihongo learns what words you know, and won't bother you again with words you've mastered.
* Built-in kanji flashcard decks up through Middle School.
* Intuitive spaced repetition flashcard system for vocabulary and kanji drawing.
* Level up flashcards by studying every day.
* No penalty for missing a day of study, come back anytime.

* Search using English, Japanese, or romaji.
* Supports searching for conjugated words in both English and Japanese.
* Search for kanji using radicals and stroke counts.

* Add furigana or romaji to webpages.
* Tap on words to see definition within Safari.

Nihongo Pro Terms of Use
Read our full Terms of Service at https://nihongo-app.com/terms_of_use.html.




tToo good

It’s the best app that I have come across and it really helps me a lot .I think anyone who wishes to learn Japanese from online stores should go for this .this is the only app which gives a

Basurawat - ★★★★★ 2017-12-23

Helpful in daily life

I have to correspond in Japanese language every day. (Email, Facebook, etc.) This app is a tremendous help with that.

I love that I'm able to go as deep as I need to go on any specific topic.

ronruck - ★★★★★ 2017-02-03

Easy to learn word for the beginner....

We can find so many words(単語)for the same word.Also guide for the best matches and the additional matches.I love this app.BUT NEED SOME PLACE TO IMPROVE...add some DOODLE recognizer and the Voice

Añgrày - ★★★★★ 2017-04-27

Good app, bugs

A really good dictionary app. However, if you accidentally click on “Try the Safari Extension,” there is no way to get back to the actual app. Had to completely delete and redownload. A really dumb

bcaster1979 - ★★★★★ 2018-09-24


This app is very helpful in learning Kanji and Vocabulary together !! Can't thank enough !!! Don't think twice this is the best app if you wanna learn and improve your Japanese level !!!

Cooling fan - ★★★★★ 2018-01-02

Really great dictionary and ....

Really great dictionary, learning and translation assistant. I use it for every day to read Japanese newspaper articles. Must have!

Stuartcw - ★★★★★ 2016-11-06

Really great dictionary and ....

Really great dictionary, learning and translation assistant. I use it for every day to read Japanese newspaper articles.

Stuartcw - ★★★★★ 2016-10-14


This is very splendid. Please do your best even if you leave Japan.

By student

◇ヒストリア - ★★★★★ 2014-07-18

timo recurso pra aprender japons

Mesmo pra quem não entende inglês e aplicativo da a opção de copiar e buscar a tradução na web

jully0212 - ★★★★★ 2020-03-09

Love this app

Very easy to use.
Explanations are understandable
Good examples
The best dictionary app till now.

5hinee 4ever - ★★★★★ 2020-05-28

Very helpful

It is very useful especially learning kanji. Thank you for this app‍♀️

★★★★★ 2019-10-21


Diccionario completo, muy recomendado y bien traducido al español.

be1tto - ★★★★★ 2019-06-23

Very useful

This Application is very useful and I am satisfied

★★★★★ 2020-05-18

すごいですね 気になるアプリー...


★★★★★ 2019-02-07

The best Japane...

The best Japanese learning app

rei692 - ★★★★★ 2018-11-24

Mind blowing

Excellent dictionary

日本語Fan - ★★★★★ 2016-10-05

Amazing support!

I got helped Asap! thank you

excellent12245477 - ★★★★★ 2018-01-07



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  • 3位: Nihongo Pro (Lifetime) (6100円)

  • 4位: Nihongo Pro (Annual) (2200円)

  • 5位: Pitch Accents (1220円)






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