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Bezier Games, Inc.が配信するiPhoneアプリ「Castles of Mad King Ludwig」の評価や口コミやランキング推移情報です。このアプリには「ドイツボードゲーム」「テーブルゲーム」「パズル・謎解き・頭脳ゲーム」「ストラテジーゲーム」「ボードゲーム」などのジャンルで分類しています。APPLIONでは「Castles of Mad King Ludwig」の他にもあなたにおすすめのアプリのレビューやみんなの評価や世界ランキングなどから探すことができます。

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「ノイシュヴァンシュタイン城 〜狂王ルートヴィヒの見果てぬ夢〜(Castles of Mad King Ludwig)」は、城建築士となり、リビングや地下、寝室などを作り上げて勝利点を稼ぐ、ドイツボードゲームです。

ドイツボードゲーム テーブルゲーム パズル・謎解き・頭脳ゲーム ストラテジーゲーム ボードゲーム


  • APPLIONで話題の人気アプリとして紹介しました。(11/22)

  • 新バージョン1.1が配信開始。新機能や改善アップデートがされています。

  • ゲームセンター機能を搭載し、オンライン成績やトロフィーに対応しています。

  • 2016年5月24日(火)にiPhoneとiPad両対応のユニバーサルアプリとしてリリース!


I have many board game apps that are ports of the table top games but this is by far the best one to date. It is smooth, plays extremely well, has a good tutorial for new players and more than
Superb app that is a benchmark! - ★★★★★
I'm King Ludwig and I'm mad as a herring. Even a madman, though, enjoys a digital port of a tile-laying game and this is one of the best, capturing all the depth and complexity of the original. Soon
Mad King Ludwig approves! - ★★★★★
This is a great adaptation of an addictive board game. Gameplay is intuitive and you can tell they put a lot of effort into making it as seamless as possible. People who play the board game will feel like you're on a tabletop!
Great game!!! Worth the price! - ★★★★★



This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

• Two New Hidden "Bonus" Campaign Levels: Waldeck and Sauerburg
• Resolved issue with disappearing Corridors on restored levels
• Resolved issue with Pass button being shown when switching back from viewing another player's castle
• Other bug fixes and enhancements


"Castles of Mad King Ludwig is a great port of a really cool castle building board game." TouchArcade

"A diverting tile-laying game. Excellent series of puzzles and tough AI." PocketGamer

Ted Alspach's castle-building board game comes alive on iOS! The winner of the prestigious Mensa Mind Games award tasks players with building extravagant castles for King Ludwig of Bavaria. Castles are constructed one room at a time, with a different player each round setting the prices for the others, resulting in a competitive, engaging game where building is as much fun as winning!

Choose your strategy carefully as you compete against your friends or AI (computer) opponents. Or take on the Campaign, and travel to 15 real-life castle sites, each with up to 3 unique Crown Goals, providing hours of fun and challenge.

• Two to Four Player Pass-and-Play/Computer Matches
• Campaign Mode with Levels based on Real Castle Sites
• Training Tower Levels teach Game Basics
• Help System with Illustrated Rules, Tips, and Tile Reference
• 75 Different Room Tiles
• Game Center Achievements
• Orchestral Soundtrack
• Share Your Castle on Twitter, Facebook, and more

* For best user experience, an iPhone 6/6s/7 or larger or iPad is recommended. The original iPad and iPhone 4s and earlier are not supported. *




Great Two Player

A fantastic adaptation of the physical board game! This plays well with two players. I really like the campaigns that force you to reach different goals; a great way to teach the complexities of

Sidney Innerebner - ★★★★★ 2016-06-17

A superb adaptation

I already loved the board game.

tidrif - ★★★★★ 2016-05-26

The Mad King ain't mad...

He's brilliant! This app is quickly becoming the standard that all gaming apps should be held to. It plays out so well (even on an older iPad) that it's hard to put down at times. The only other

manetzj - ★★★★★ 2016-06-02

Love this game.

My wife and I love this game. My only complaint is that there is no undo button, or alternatively the "ok" button and the rotate button are too close together. It's too easy to make a careless

Asfultz - ★★★★★ 2016-06-11

If you're interested enough to read the reviews yo

This is a fantastic translation of an amazing game! If you found the App and are interested enough to want to read the reviews, trust me it's worth it. Tutorial teaches anyone how to play in minutes,

e2n - ★★★★★ 2016-05-27

Super Fun Puzzley Castle Building Game

I am loving this app. I have the board game and the app lives up to the game and let's me play when I can't have a game night. The campaign is quite fun and provides just the right amount of challenge.

noblejohn - ★★★★★ 2016-05-31

Excellent port!

One of my favorite board games on iOS! Great implementation, especially the single player campaign. Beautiful graphics, easy interface/UI and great sounds. Hands down one of the best board game ports

AlaskaDaveAK - ★★★★★ 2016-05-24

Excellent port of an excellent game

COMKL is one of my favorite board games. This port is excellent. The campaign presents some interesting challenges, and the AI is pretty smart.

LoLfann - ★★★★★ 2016-07-19

Worth every cent.

An excellent port of the tabletop game. One of the best single player games out there. Hopefully they will add online multiplayer some day.

RichfieldTimm - ★★★★★ 2016-06-01

This game is mad

What a great implementation. I'm working through the campaign mode and really enjoying it. I'm hoping they add an online option soon.

Sigtaulefty - ★★★★★ 2016-05-30

More from Ted Alspach!

I love this guys games. 20 minutes with this new digital version of Castles and I'm as happy as happy can be.

Guido.Z - ★★★★★ 2016-05-26

Great app version of a fantastic game!

Campaign mode is fun and challenging. App runs smoothly and very polished.

Wazzudolfan - ★★★★★ 2016-05-28


ノイシュヴァンシュタイン城 〜狂王ルートヴィヒの見果てぬ夢〜(Castles of Mad King Ludwig)のiPhoneアプリランキングや、利用者のリアルな声や国内や海外のSNSやインターネットでの人気状況を分析しています。

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